Modern Concrete Patios for Busy People

concrete patiosConcrete patios are quickly becoming one of the hottest ways to enjoy the warmth and relaxation of the outdoors. Famous for their durability and ease of installation, concrete patios are ideal in areas with inclement weather or where time might be an issue when it comes to snowing or high winds. Concrete Contractors Tampa can create numerous styles and designs that make concrete patio’s a great choice, no matter your budget or preferences.

Concrete is by far the most popular concrete patio material in the nation. Concrete patios entice homeowners who desire an inviting outdoor surface with limitless design potential with endless decorative finishes. Compared to natural stone, asphalt, and wood patios, concrete patios are also significantly more durable and require less upkeep. Concrete can be poured in place, instantly providing an instant barrier that prevents cold, hot, and cold air from entering or accumulating. Concrete is porous by nature, allowing liquids and puddles to seep in easily. It is therefore recommended that a sealant be used to keep water out or prevent puddles from forming.

As with any other type of concrete surface, concrete patios come in varying design options. Stamped concrete patios offer a highly durable option for outdoor paving that is highly resistant to sun, temperature and moisture. Concrete pavers are a cost effective solution for prolonging the life of your patio and creating a beautiful outline that meshes well with the surroundings. Available in seamless, stamped or laser cut styles, these designs offer the ability to seamlessly blend into surrounding landscaping. Laser cut paving also offers a professional quality finish that is virtually impervious to weather, fading or staining.

For those interested in a do-it-yourself project, concrete patios are a viable option. There are a number of simple step-by-step instructions available online and in many home improvement stores. For those with a little building experience, it may be possible to complete a simple patio in a short period of time. For those without the necessary skills and experience, it is important to adhere to the basic steps of planning and construction as laymen.

The first step in this process is choosing the right type of concrete. While concrete patios look great when they are finished with a professional coating, the durability of this surface depends on the composition of the concrete. Therefore, when selecting concrete for your outdoor paving projects, it is essential to choose a blend of materials that will best withstand extreme weather conditions. In addition, most wood decks require sealing to maintain their appearance year round.

Once the location has been selected, concrete patios can be started with the basic steps of construction. The initial project usually begins with the selection of concrete slabs that are precast or poured. In either case, most construction companies use thick gauge rebar in concrete mixes that create a stronger surface and prevent cracks from forming.

Concrete borders and edge patterns can be added to concrete patios using stamped concrete. This method of finishing concrete allows homeowners to customize the finished product. Concrete edge borders are stamped into the concrete during production then cured with heat and pressure. These edges provide a strong and attractive appearance while adding curb appeal to any home. Furthermore, stamped concrete patios are more durable and less prone to splintering than other paving methods.

Of course, the most important part of any concrete patios project is the beauty of the finished result. Today’s concrete designers use creative ideas such as color choices, rocks and boulders, and plants to enhance the overall look. Homeowners can add a unique creative flair to their patios by transforming them into summer dining tables or places to relax with a cold beverage. In addition to adding curb appeal, concrete patios create an inviting environment that makes for a long-lasting backyard landscaping project.